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Let’s Redefine How You Perceive IT Health

You might be doing a lot of things right, but until you change your perception of IT your technology stack won’t reach its full potential. While the intricacies of your systems and processes are unknowable at this stage, what is clear from your responses is that you’re in a middle stage of maturity for IT health. That’s actually an exciting position to find your organization because it means from here you can optimize the next stage of IT development. 

Most IT functions follow a similar pattern. At the outset, technology is viewed as a cost center by your CFO and other leaders. Eventually, it gains traction, starts making a difference in the day-to-day functions of other departments and leadership starts to come around to the value of the technology. And finally, after much hard work optimizing processes, capacities, and communication, technology becomes an enabler and value generator for your business. 

Right now, it’s likely that you’re caught between the first and second stages. Some obstinate leaders will always view technology as a cost center, while others see the value and champion your causes. And in the middle of the average users who like the tech but don’t connect it to value in any measurable way. That’s because connecting these efforts to value is your job as CDO, CTO, CIO, etc. You must be the first to break the walls and advocate loudly for the impact your technology can make. And you can’t be the zealous advocate for your IT health needs unless you begin to believe and design your IT practice with value generation at the heart of it all.  

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