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Driving Technology Health for Businesses

The Health of Your Business Depends on the Health of Your Technology

Ben Debow

Ben DeBow | CEO of Fortified | Author of End of Abundance in Tech

Ben DeBow is changing the mindsets of businesses and how they look at their technology investments and realize the value of their investments. Currently, companies approach technology from an abundance mindset and continue to solve problems by adding more resources. This is not the answer. His efforts are changing the minds of businesses to focus on health, efficiency and financial impact of their technology investments regardless of industry and technology.

Ben's Book

End of Abundance in Tech: How IT Leaders Can Find Efficiencies to Drive Business Value

Ben DeBow has written End of Abundance in Tech: How IT Leaders Can Find Efficiencies to Drive Business Value to help CDOs, CIOs, CTOs, and even CFOs understand what a healthy technology system looks like. Healthier systems lead to more efficient and productive use of server resources, optimized client costs, enhanced system reliability, and stability. Shaking up the status quo, DeBow’s book makes troubleshooting technology inefficiencies at the enterprise level accessible, while providing scalable solution for tech leaders who already feel like they are operating at the upper limits of what’s possible.


Work with Fortified founder and CEO Ben DeBow

Centering his keynote programs on assessing the technological wellbeing of modern businesses, Ben’s engagements will open the eyes of even leaders who consider themselves on the vanguard of the technology environment to the gaps in their tech health solutions.

For leaders needing a hands-on approach, Ben works in a consulting capacity on a case-by-case basis to transform their approach to enterprise technology management and their business along with it.