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Ben Debow

Ben DeBow is shaking up how businesses approach technology, processes, and the future of data management. Having written the book on server health management, Ben’s insights on the state-of-play for the industry and the quickly approaching new phase in system health are must-haves for today’s CDOs, CTOs, CIOs, CFOs, IT Directors, and IT VPs. 

Today’s technology systems are rife with inefficiencies born from an abundance mindset—keep throwing good tech after bad in order to Frankenstein solutions. DeBow’s processes create cleaner, healthier systems that not only increase functionality but drive down costs. For businesses this can mean millions of dollars over the life of their systems. 

Centering his programs on assessing the system health and broader technological wellbeing of modern businesses, Ben’s speaking engagements will open the eyes of even those leaders who consider themselves on the vanguard of the technology environment. His keynote programs include:

What’s more, Ben is making himself available to struggling tech leaders to help them put his insights into action. On a case-by-case basis, leaders can work together with Ben in a consulting capacity. While his book puts forth all leaders need to know, system health is only getting more complicated, and becoming a bigger headache for business. With Ben’s help you can bring your organization out of the server dark ages, and turn a problem into a solution that gives your business a competitive technological edge.


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