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Is Your Business Making the Most of its Technology Investments?

Take this Assessment To Find Out.

Are your technology investments healthy, efficient and delivering business value? How do you know? 

Every company wants to optimize its investment in technology to create value and grow its business. But just because the system is operating doesn’t mean your technology environment is healthy and efficient. How can you know if your technology systems are delivering value? How efficient are the applications and what potential savings if you optimized the systems? What are those savings over 5 or 10 years? How do you measure the success of your technology investments? 

If you Google “Top 10 Tech KPIs,” you will get a lot of lists that are not only incomplete, they are likely going to send you down the wrong path. Why? Leaders cannot rely on a one-size-fits-all model for their technology. Every business is different and every system running within that business has a unique set of goals and measures of success. A single inefficient process on one system can amount to thousands of wasted dollars but that same bug or bad code might be insignificant in another environment. 

When you get your annual physical, the doctor can test many different conditions in your blood and provide a list of numbers that, without context, can be baffling, misleading, or even jarring. For most of us, we need a physician to parse through this information for the really pertinent numbers—and, most importantly,  give you the next steps you need to take to make sure your “system” is functioning optimally. Technology systems are no different and we designed the systems.

By completing the following assessment, you will gain a clearer picture of the health of your technology system and learn how to move toward a defined set of metrics that will ensure ongoing success.

Are you ready to begin?